• {Less} is more?

    {Less} - I recently read an interesting (and well-reasoned) summary of the workflow for building themes by Pierre-Alain Leboucher on the Prestashop blog that had a reference to {less}. I don't mind admitting that I love reading about new technologies and techniques, and predictably a google search later and I was browsing various sites, and getting more and more hooked on the concept by the minute.

  • 1.4 Plugins Revisited - Part 2

    Extending Prestashop Theme Plugins - In this article we look at a mechanism to allow theme developers to include their own smarty plugins seamlessly into their themes, with the code contained within the theme distribution itself.

  • 1.4 Plugins Revisited - Part 1

    Plugins Evolved A while ago when I wrote the original article on Prestashop plugins I promised a follow-up to allow it to be used with smarty 3. Unfortunately work has kept me from a proper write-up so I'm only now getting around to publishing the next version. I had intended adding the ability to easily extend the functionality on a per-theme basis, but since the demand for some usable code right now has been so great I've decided to publish this in two parts.

  • Vanilla 2 and Prestashop

    I've long loved the original Vanilla forum by Mark O'Sullivan, but I've got to say that the new Garden and Vanilla 2 release has bowled me over. Although still in BETA I was so excited about using it in my latest project that I sat down and wrote a module for Prestashop to allow you to provide a slick single sign-on to both the store and the forum -- utilising the SSO plugin that comes with Vanilla 2.

  • Fixed version of the gsitemap module

    There seems to have been a lot of problems with the Google XML Sitemap generator shipping with PrestaShop 1.2, so I've had a run through and re-written a fair bit of the code to fix these issues.

  • Customising Prestashop Module Templates

    Please don't edit those originals! I came across this little gem a while ago on the Prestashop forum, and thought I would draw attention to it in the hopes that it will help someone, somewhere.

  • AddHeader - a sibling for AddStuff

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple, and there doesn't seem any way of achieving it easily. Then you find something like AddHeader.

  • Moving Boxes Home Featured jQuery module

    I thought it was about time for yet more free Prestashop eye candy, so here's yet another home featured products module for you all to play with!

  • PS_Cumulus a WP-Cumulus port to Prestashop

    I was looking to write a cool module to use in future tutorial articles when I came across the nifty looking WP-Cumulus Wordpress plugin by Roy Tanck. It had all the elements I was looking for, and he has kindly released the code (including the flash source) under the GPL license.

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module - Part 4

    Form Validation and Security - In this tutorial we will look at the general issue of form input checking and security, both for Back Office and Front Office forms and user input as well as looking at improving our code both functionally and aesthetically.

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module - Part 3

    Storing Module Configuration - In the third part of this series we'll look at how we can store configuration data for our modules in the Prestashop database, and how we can allow users to interact with this data to control the module's behaviour. We will also briefly touch on how we can generate output from our module to provide visual feedback of the configuration changes.

  • Writing your own Prestashop Module - Part 2

    Creating a basic module - In this second part of the series we will look at creating our first basic Prestashop module that can be controlled from the Back Office.

  • Writing your own PrestaShop Module - Part 1

    So you want to write a module? - There has always been a little bit of Voodoo associated Prestashop modules. This has been mainly down to a lack of documentation available, but never fear -- this series of tutorials aim to introduce module writing to the PHP programming masses.

  • Yet another Google Base update 0.6.3

    It's been a busy week here but I've still found time for the Google Base module which has jumped another few revisions to 0.6.3.

  • General news update

    I've been rather busy lately on other projects so updates on this site have sadly been few and far between. With the release of PrestaShop 1.2 coming up though there has been some work done, and yet more in progress to update the modules on this site to this new version. The Google Base module has been updated slightly, and there are many more fixes and feature updates to go.

  • Updated Google Base Module to v0.5

    I've just recently updated the original Google Base module (to v0.5) with a few enhancements that should hopefully help those who may have had issues with the previous version.

  • Adverts and Callouts module updated to version 1.2

    In an ongoing effort to keep all our modules up to date, a new version of of advertising module has been created to address differences in the admin tab architecture in PrestaShop 1.1. The older version was displaying view and edit links against each of the adverts, rather than edit and delete links.

  • HSBC CPI Card Payment Module

    This was developed originally for a client. The original brief was to update the existing module (provided by a member on the PrestaShop forum) to work in version 1.1 of PrestaShop and tie up any loose ends, but ended up being a complete re-write almost entirely from scratch (some of the third-party code in the original was re-used).

  • JonDesign's SmoothGallery2.0 for Prestashop Featured Products

    In one of the review threads on the PrestaShop forum there was a particular gallery feature that caught the eye, and I decided to adapt it slightly for more general use. It's basically just the Featured Products module adapted to use the javascript gallery rather than the standard tabular layout, and it certainly looks more effective.

  • Shopmania Feed - UK

    There is now an official script for PrestaShop available and this module is no longer supported.

  • PrestaShop 1.1 Beta 2 is now on public release

    This is a translation from the PrestaShop official Blog article.

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  • New PrestaShop 1.1 Developer Resources Announced

    The PrestaShop Blog has announced (in French only currently) a couple of long awaited developer resources, which look to be a pre-cursor to the official 1.1RC1 release which we expect to be made shortly. The first is a data model of the PrestaShop database produced from MSQL Workbench, which is available for download from the PrestaShop website. It's their announced intention to update this for each new version of the software, and will greatly assist in the process of new module creation for this open source eCommerce store.

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  • PrestaShop Demo Store

    For folks that haven't already found this, we now have a PrestaShop demo store online.

  • Randomly Displayed Adverts and Callouts

    Another useful tool for conversions is being able to attract the attention of your visitors and guide them to the parts of your site you really want them to see. We've come up with yet another great little PrestaShop module to do precisely that!

  • Live Support to Improve Conversions

    A common theme in small business forums and newsgroups when discussing eCommerce sites are posts that start with "I've had x,000 visitors to my site but haven't sold anything, what am I doing wrong?". Sadly, selling on-line isn't (just) about visitors, but conversions. Getting a customer to look at a product is one hurdle, but by far the more important one is getting them to actually part with their cash! This is where many come unstuck.

  • BETA Version 2 Paypal Module for PrestaShop

    We're pleased to release BETA 1 of our modified version of the PrestaShop Paypal Payment module that will hopefully address a few more of the shortcomings of the original version. This latest version provides tighter integration with IPN notifications, and supports all the current message combinations for both instant and eCheck payments. Refunds and cancellations are also supported, although only as far as this functionality is supported by PrestaShop itself.

  • eCartService Paypal Changes rolled into PrestaShop 1.1 Release

    We're pleased to announce that the initial changes we proposed for the Paypal Payment module for PrestaShop have been incorporated into the official 1.1 release which is due in autumn 2008.

  • Improving PayPal Support in PrestaShop

    When I first came across PrestaShop I was utterly astonished at how it looked and operated. Having spent years working with the likes of osCommerce, ZenCart et al. PrestaShop was a breath of fresh air, which reminded me greatly of another Open Source favourite of mine - Vanilla

  • UK PrestaShop Club Forum is open for business

    After discussions with our friends at we are pleased to announce that we'll be hosting the UK users club forum on our servers. This will be a great resource to compliment the main PrestaShop forum and is intended to facilitate discussions on local UK issues with using the software.

  • Paypal IPN Validation update

    We had an issue recently where there was some difficulty contacting the paypal server to verify an IPN passed back to a PrestaShop store.

  • Possible bug in PrestaShop Paypal Module

    While working on a Paypal test with a customer we noticed that the module appears to have an error which requires users to enter the IPN return url in their paypal account settings. This obviously means that it isn't possible to set up multiple stores using PrestaShop if you have a single paypal account.

  • "AddStuff" for PrestaShop

    Addstuff will be 1 year old on 5th August 2009!! AddStuff is a fun little module that several have used to add some easy custom items to their pages. Inspired by many modules by the same (or similar) names for other open source projects, this allows you to include your own html (or anything else you can think of) onto a page easily.

  • Exporting products to Googlebase

    Getting noticed in Google Product Search - There has been huge demand for a module to allow upload of the products from Prestashop to Google Base. In an attempt to satisfy this, until such time as I can have a look at implementing it using the Google Base API, I threw together some code that will hopefully work.

  • going live soon!

    ## The countdown begins