• Prestashop Google Product Search

    Listing Products in Google Product Search - Since August 2008 when we first released a Google Product Search (Google Base) module a lot has changed. The release of Prestashop 1.4.x in particular has seen support for many of the additional data items not previously possible to include, along with major changes in the generation of SEO urls which alone merit a code refresh.

  • Updated Google Base Module to v0.5

    I've just recently updated the original Google Base module (to v0.5) with a few enhancements that should hopefully help those who may have had issues with the previous version.

  • Exporting products to Googlebase

    Getting noticed in Google Product Search - There has been huge demand for a module to allow upload of the products from Prestashop to Google Base. In an attempt to satisfy this, until such time as I can have a look at implementing it using the Google Base API, I threw together some code that will hopefully work.