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  • Display module output anywhere

    I came across a post on the Prestshop forum recently that was discussing how to display the contents of a single module on a page. The example proposed worked, but it seems to me that it worked only through sheer luck rather than design as all that was being done was to display a smarty .tpl file. The smarty variables required for the module used in the example were all included as global values, so it worked, but most other modules would need to be able to execute their underlying hook code in order to display anything meaningful.

  • Customising Prestashop Module Templates

    Please don't edit those originals! I came across this little gem a while ago on the Prestashop forum, and thought I would draw attention to it in the hopes that it will help someone, somewhere.

  • General news update

    I've been rather busy lately on other projects so updates on this site have sadly been few and far between. With the release of PrestaShop 1.2 coming up though there has been some work done, and yet more in progress to update the modules on this site to this new version. The Google Base module has been updated slightly, and there are many more fixes and feature updates to go.

  • JonDesign's SmoothGallery2.0 for Prestashop Featured Products

    In one of the review threads on the PrestaShop forum there was a particular gallery feature that caught the eye, and I decided to adapt it slightly for more general use. It's basically just the Featured Products module adapted to use the javascript gallery rather than the standard tabular layout, and it certainly looks more effective.

  • Shopmania Feed - UK

    There is now an official script for PrestaShop available and this module is no longer supported.

  • Random Advert Module for PrestaShop Updated (v1.1)

    Thanks to a user report (thank you Bach!) a bug was identified in our Adverts module that prevented it working in the left column. We've issued an update that should sort out the error.

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  • PrestaShop Demo Store

    For folks that haven't already found this, we now have a PrestaShop demo store online.