• AddHeader - a sibling for AddStuff

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple, and there doesn't seem any way of achieving it easily. Then you find something like AddHeader.

  • AddStuff is almost 1 Year old!!

    Who would have believed it! Well to celebrate, and also to fix a few problems it's recently been updated.

  • Improving PayPal Support in PrestaShop

    When I first came across PrestaShop I was utterly astonished at how it looked and operated. Having spent years working with the likes of osCommerce, ZenCart et al. PrestaShop was a breath of fresh air, which reminded me greatly of another Open Source favourite of mine - Vanilla

  • "AddStuff" for PrestaShop

    Addstuff will be 1 year old on 5th August 2009!! AddStuff is a fun little module that several have used to add some easy custom items to their pages. Inspired by many modules by the same (or similar) names for other open source projects, this allows you to include your own html (or anything else you can think of) onto a page easily.