Vanilla 2 and Prestashop

I've long loved the original Vanilla forum by Mark O'Sullivan, but I've got to say that the new Garden and Vanilla 2 release has bowled me over. Although still in BETA I was so excited about using it in my latest project that I sat down and wrote a module for Prestashop to allow you to provide a slick single sign-on to both the store and the forum -- utilising the SSO plugin that comes with Vanilla 2.

On top of integrating the two accounts I've also been looking at how to integrate some Prestashop content on the forum pages too, as I can see certain circumstances where engaging a community through a forum while promoting your products to them could be a winner.

I'll release both the Prestashop module and the Vanilla 2 plug-in once i've ironed out the last few wrinkles, as I'm sure the combination will not only be popular with store owners but a winner with customers too.