Changes to the site January 2010

It has been a while since I've done any work on the theme for the site but a lot of work has been going on with new updated versions of the underlying software.

The main feedback I've been getting is that while the resources are great, navigation of the site is not so hot, so I'm looking at reorganising things to make it more accessible.

Support can be an issue as there are a few different ways of making contact. My original plan was to implement a forum plugin to handle this, but I've decided that a better approach would be to integrate an external forum as this will allow greater flexibility for the future.

Due to time constraints, the UK PrestaClub forum kind of died a death by spam a few months ago --none of the moderators including myself had sufficient time to manage that along with all our other commitments. The plan is to merge the existing contents in to the new forum here in the hopes that by combining them all it will be easier to maintain. The Support ticket system will also be removed shortly and the majority of the support will be carried out via the new forum (this will support private discussions and well as the more traditional public forum posting).

I also need a better way of managing the module listings and downloads themselves, as well as some general navigation options. If anyone has any suggestions for good Wordpress plugin for this, then please let me know!

As a result of this you may notice things changing around as I work in the steps needed to implement the above. Please bear with me as this site and its contents are maintained in what little spare time I have. I'm sure the end result will be worth the odd glitch along the way, but if you do spot something not working, then please get in touch and let me know... as I've probably messed something up and not noticed.