Latest Theme and Module Development Tools News - March 2011

Since Prestashop 1.4 has now gone into production,  the original Smarty debug module has been updated to support the latest features. Specifically this means that you should be able to debug both Smarty v2 and Smarty v3 Pretashop themes using the tool. You can read more about it and download the module from the Debugging Prestashop Templates page.

Changes to the site January 2010

It has been a while since I've done any work on the theme for the site but a lot of work has been going on with new updated versions of the underlying software. The main feedback I've been getting is that while the resources are great, navigation of the site is not so hot, so I'm looking at reorganising things to make it more accessible.

Vanilla 2 and Prestashop

I've long loved the original Vanilla forum by Mark O'Sullivan, but I've got to say that the new Garden and Vanilla 2 release has bowled me over. Although still in BETA I was so excited about using it in my latest project that I sat down and wrote a module for Prestashop to allow you to provide a slick single sign-on to both the store and the forum -- utilising the SSO plugin that comes with Vanilla 2.

Revisiting the PayPal Beta Module

Well I discovered that I had two motivations for revisiting PayPal payments in Prestashop this week. One is a new site that I'm working on for a client (more news on that later) and the other is that I discovered I had some free time in between the festivities. Well, not really free time but I managed to squeeze in a few hours at the keyboard anyway.

Resetting your Prestashop

I'm not a great fan of commercial software, but there are some tools that are probably worth paying for -- otherwise the author wouldn't be able to maintain the code. I know from personal experience that relying on donations doesn't pay the bills.


I'm working on enhancements to the mobile site, and it should now render automatically in a nice friendly format for mobile browser users. The theme is still fairly plain, but i'll brand it a bit better over the coming weeks.

URL shortening

I'll be testing out url shortening to go with the Twitter changes on the site, so expect things to not work... here I come.

Finally reworked twitter after the crash earlier this week

I finally got around to doing something with the twitter updates on the page after the big crash this week - my old code obviously wasn't up to much and had been added in a hurry. Fingers crossed...

Customising Prestashop Module Templates

Please don't edit those originals! I came across this little gem a while ago on the Prestashop forum, and thought I would draw attention to it in the hopes that it will help someone, somewhere.

Using FirePHP (FireBug) with Prestashop

Debugging can be such a pain sometimes... I've been using FirePHP for some time now on my CodeIgniter projects and recently while I was looking at doing some cool things with the product data returned by the Category::getProducts() function it struck me that it would be nice to be able to easily see exactly what data was returned.

Storing complex configuration data

While porting the WP-Cumulus plugin to Prestashop I came across an interesting situation. In the original plugin the parameters for the Flash movie are stored in an array that is obtained from the Wordpress database using a get_option() call. In Prestashop the parameters can be retrieved in bulk using Configuration::getMultiple(), but in that case you have to specify the key names for all the parameters which is a pain.

AddStuff is almost 1 Year old!!

Who would have believed it! Well to celebrate, and also to fix a few problems it's recently been updated.

Translations revisited

While upgrading the site recently I decided to review the translations functionality. It appears that this is being used, so I've decided to keep it running for now, although I've limited the number of languages supported.

Yet another Google Base update 0.6.3

It's been a busy week here but I've still found time for the Google Base module which has jumped another few revisions to 0.6.3.

General news update

I've been rather busy lately on other projects so updates on this site have sadly been few and far between. With the release of PrestaShop 1.2 coming up though there has been some work done, and yet more in progress to update the modules on this site to this new version. The Google Base module has been updated slightly, and there are many more fixes and feature updates to go.

Updated Google Base Module to v0.5

I've just recently updated the original Google Base module (to v0.5) with a few enhancements that should hopefully help those who may have had issues with the previous version.

Adverts and Callouts module updated to version 1.2

In an ongoing effort to keep all our modules up to date, a new version of of advertising module has been created to address differences in the admin tab architecture in PrestaShop 1.1. The older version was displaying view and edit links against each of the adverts, rather than edit and delete links.


I've been trying out a WordPress module on the site to provide translations, although I'm now sitting here wondering if any of them make any sense! If you feel it adds anything to the site let me know - in fact even if you don't, let me know anyway!

Random Advert Module for PrestaShop Updated (v1.1)

Thanks to a user report (thank you Bach!) a bug was identified in our Adverts module that prevented it working in the left column. We've issued an update that should sort out the error.

PrestaShop Boasts Great New Features in Version 1.1

Hot on the heels of the recent new PrestaShop developer resource announcement we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the great new features that the forthcoming 1.1 RC1 PrestaShop release will bring to the store owner.

New PrestaShop 1.1 Developer Resources Announced

The PrestaShop Blog has announced (in French only currently) a couple of long awaited developer resources, which look to be a pre-cursor to the official 1.1RC1 release which we expect to be made shortly. The first is a data model of the PrestaShop database produced from MSQL Workbench, which is available for download from the PrestaShop website. It's their announced intention to update this for each new version of the software, and will greatly assist in the process of new module creation for this open source eCommerce store.

PrestaShop Demo Store

For folks that haven't already found this, we now have a PrestaShop demo store online.

eCartService Paypal Changes rolled into PrestaShop 1.1 Release

We're pleased to announce that the initial changes we proposed for the Paypal Payment module for PrestaShop have been incorporated into the official 1.1 release which is due in autumn 2008.

Improving PayPal Support in PrestaShop

When I first came across PrestaShop I was utterly astonished at how it looked and operated. Having spent years working with the likes of osCommerce, ZenCart et al. PrestaShop was a breath of fresh air, which reminded me greatly of another Open Source favourite of mine - Vanilla

UK PrestaShop Club Forum is open for business

After discussions with our friends at we are pleased to announce that we'll be hosting the UK users club forum on our servers. This will be a great resource to compliment the main PrestaShop forum and is intended to facilitate discussions on local UK issues with using the software.

Possible bug in PrestaShop Paypal Module

While working on a Paypal test with a customer we noticed that the module appears to have an error which requires users to enter the IPN return url in their paypal account settings. This obviously means that it isn't possible to set up multiple stores using PrestaShop if you have a single paypal account.

Preventing the copying of your site design templates

I was browsing the prestashop forum and ended up on a thread concerning an issue with people stealing a site design by downloading the template files from the theme directory. It struck me that this is probably something that those of you who use other template systems with your sites may also face, so thought I'd post the solution here too.