PS_Cumulus a WP-Cumulus port to Prestashop

I was looking to write a cool module to use in future tutorial articles when I came across the nifty looking WP-Cumulus Wordpress plugin by Roy Tanck. It had all the elements I was looking for, and he has kindly released the code (including the flash source) under the GPL license. Approximately 2 hours later PS_Cumulus was born!

Before anyone asks, the name has to use an underscore as a hyphen isn't allowed in PrestaShop class names....

I've added hooks so that it can be added to the header area (Top of page), home page, left column, right column and footer -- just in case anyone should want to place it in any of these locations. I've even installed the Wordpress version on this site, so you can see it in action.

There's a new update to this that addresses any SEO concerns by displaying a "Legacy" cloud should Flash be unavailable. Major changes are:

  • Enable/Disable “compatibility mode” – This uses one of two methods to embed the flas, should there be problems with display using the standard method. It also works even when javascript is disabled (but flash installed) – not terribly useful for PrestaShop as by default the store needs javascript enabled. It may help someone somewhere though.

  • Display “Legacy” tags when flash doesn’t work/isn’t installed. A tag cloud likely makes no perceptible difference to SEO but why not eh?

  • Fixed the class assignments to the links, and added a css file to let you style the links when Flash isn’t used (default just proportionally increases the font size from 9px to 18px). Bit of a strange one, as the font sizes will "fight" with each other, but you could always style them based on color.

  • Added the modules own tag query function (the default one in Prestashop doesn't work properly anyway and always missed one of the tags out) and added the option to sort by tag name, frequency (times) or “none”. Also an option to specify the sort direction as ascending or descending. This will only have an effect on the non-Flash display.

Version 1.1.21 (Initial Release August 2009) : PS_Cumulus Tag cloud module

Version 2.1.21 (Update #1 August 2009) : PS_Cumulus Tag cloud module v2.1.21