JonDesign's SmoothGallery2.0 for Prestashop Featured Products

In one of the review threads on the PrestaShop forum there was a particular gallery feature that caught the eye, and I decided to adapt it slightly for more general use. It's basically just the Featured Products module adapted to use the javascript gallery rather than the standard tabular layout, and it certainly looks more effective.

Installation is a simple matter of dropping the slidefeatured folder into your modules directory on your server and clicking install... the rest is done for you! Note that if you already use any of the libraries contained in the module, then you may want to remove the header hook to prevent them being included twice.

Important note: This module uses mootools, which has compatibility issues with jQuery used by the PrestaShop standard template, so should only be used in original shop designs!

Initial Release (December 2008) : Featured Products "Slider" for PrestaShop