Shopmania Feed - UK

There is now an official script for PrestaShop available and this module is no longer supported.

It's been a busy few weeks, and we've been caught up in the Christmas rush as many of you out there hopefully are too. It's a busy time for stores - the busiest of the year - and hopefully the gloom and doom regarding 'Credit Crunches' and 'Bank Bail-outs' hasn't affected you too much.

One of our regulars on the UK PrestaClub Forum suggested that a feed for Shopmania would be nice, so we threw this together. Sadly it is currently written to provide a feed for the UK service, although we plan to add some configuration in the next release to allow you to choose which country you would like to create the feed for. The more technical of you out there will have no trouble altering the module as it stands to produce a feed for your own country should you want to.

Version 1.0 (November 2008) : UK Shopmania Feed v1.0