Randomly Displayed Adverts and Callouts

Another useful tool for conversions is being able to attract the attention of your visitors and guide them to the parts of your site you really want them to see. We've come up with yet another great little PrestaShop module to do precisely that!

In this module you design a set of "creatives" or adverts that you want to display in either side column of your site and link these to categories, product pages or static pages in order to capture your customers and guide their shopping experience.

You can point them at your best value product, or promote your great delivery service; anything you can think of that you may want to highlight on your site is fair game! You can even link to another site, to promote someone else (but you don't really want to do that now, do you).

This module is slightly more complex than our previous ones, so make sure you read the readme.html file contained in the archive. Please also consider a donation to ecartservice.net so we can keep justifying the time we spend bringing you nice little goodies to enhance your PrestaShop!! Note that you must upload the admin (appropriately renamed for your installation), classes, img and modules directories into the root folder for your site.

Latest update includes fix to allow deleting adverts (bug introduced in PrestaShop 1.1) and new hook placeholders for the page header and footer (in addition to the left and right side boxes).

Initial Release (September 2008) : Advert PrestaShop Module v1.0

Update for left column bug (November 2008) : Advert PrestaShop Module v1.1

Update to Admin Tab (January 2009) : Advert PrestaShop Module v1.2

Update to Add Hooks (January 2009) : Advert PrestaShop Module v1.3