Prestashop Google Product Search

Listing Products in Google Product Search

Since August 2008 when we first released a Google Product Search (Google Base) module a lot has changed. Not only has Google's own service undergone a series of changes to the feed specification, Prestashop has also moved on.

The release of Prestashop 1.4.x in particular has seen support for many of the additional data items not previously possible to include, along with major changes in the generation of SEO urls which alone merit a code refresh. It has also become much harder to get good rankings in Product Search as the uptake has increased, and more attention needs to be taken in terms of feed data quality than ever before.

This version of the module is based on the information in the following Google Merchant Center Help topics (as at 17 August 2011):

It is strongly recommended that you review the data requirements detailed in the above documents prior to using this module as it will greatly increase the likelihood of successful product submissions. Particular attention needs to be made to Section 3 "Unique Product Identifiers" in the feed specification as this has become a critical factor in the success of listing products with Google.

Currently (0.7.3.x - 30th August 2011) the module concentrates on the first three sections:

  1. Basic Product Information (all fields apart from googleproductcategory)
  2. Availability & Price (all fields apart from salepriceeffective_date)
  3. Unique Product Identifiers(all fields)

For older versions see the article: Exporting products to Googlebase



  • Test of fix for problems with languages requiring diacritics


  • Minor bugfix: condition element wasn't being translated correctly and was omitted in


  • Modifications to xml entity encoding (hopefully to finally solve problems with German/French feeds)
  • Translation support added for and (seems to work ok if left as English though)
  • Minor changes to variable naming


  • Fixed calls to Tools::convertPrice() (pre-1.4 requires a currency object)
  • Added price compatibility functions (for later support of attribute pricing)


  • Added optional encoding to xml element generation function
  • Fix for some html entities in text fields (broken in


  • Removed uninstall function override
  • Modified some htmlentities() calls
  • Fix for gtin field configuration bug
  • Added private function for xml element generation

Version 0.7.2

  • Changes to compatibility logic
  • Fix for image links for 1.3.x
  • Fix for currency handling in 1.3.x

Version 0.7.1

  • Code updated to support new 1.4.x Module specifications
  • Removed g:weight attribute
  • Removed g:guid attribute
  • Improved error checking
  • User selectable language (from those enabled)
  • User selectable currency (from those enabled)
  • Ean13 (EU) or UPC (US) code choice added for "g:gtin" element
  • Optional inclusion of Supplier Reference as MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)
  • Improved product url and image url generation (maintaining backwards compatibility)
  • Support for a second "additional" image
  • Support for 1.4 item "condition" (defaults to "new" for older versions)
  • Fixes to currency formatting
  • Additional of sale_price element for active discounts
  • Architecture improvements to support future additional features
  • Improved error checking for permissions issues
  • Cache implemented for frequently re-used data

Known Issues

  • Need to be able to select between short (current) and long description field from database
  • Nearby Stores functionality disabled (Requires implementation of "Regional Profiles").


Beta 0.7 series Releases (Last Updated: 30th August 2011):