Paypal WPP (Example) - PayPal Direct API

Development Release

I've been asked several times about this, so I guess I'd better release the code. This was written some time ago, and the target PrestaShop version was 1.1, however it should work with later releases.

The archive contains additional code to support PayPal Express Checkout, as this was originally developed as a shared library. A PayPal Express Checkout example will also be published here shortly.

Please note that this is intended for "development" purposes only as an example and was written to test out various concepts in PrestaShop, not as a robust payment method for use in commercial stores.

As of PrestaShop 1.2 an implementation of the PayPal API is to be included as part of the core distribution, so the code contained in this archive will be largely redundant, but it does demonstrate some key concepts that may be of use to someone.

Known issues

  • Minimal SSL support for store pages.
  • UK cards may require additional information (e.g. Maestro issue number)


Version 0.1.0 (Initial Release July 2009) : PayPal Direct API Example