Live Support to Improve Conversions

A common theme in small business forums and newsgroups when discussing eCommerce sites are posts that start with "I've had x,000 visitors to my site but haven't sold anything, what am I doing wrong?".

Sadly, selling on-line isn't (just) about visitors, but conversions. Getting a customer to look at a product is one hurdle, but by far the more important one is getting them to actually part with their cash! This is where many come unstuck.

One great way of trying to do this is to add a live element to your site. This can be in the form of an interactive blog or even a forum (where appropriate). Both of these methods can work well, but they require building a longer term relationship with your customers, and for certain items this really doesn't make good sense. This is where facilities like "live support", "live helpdesk" or "online customer services" can really make a difference.

Here's a quick and dirty solution for PrestaShop :

PrestaShop CraftSyntax Live Help v0.1 (7s archive)

PrestaShop CraftSyntax Live Help v0.1 (zip archive)

Why not try it and see if it makes a difference to your eShop?