Fixed version of the gsitemap module

There seems to have been a lot of problems with the Google XML Sitemap generator shipping with PrestaShop 1.2, so I've had a run through and re-written a fair bit of the code to fix these issues.

The main changes (in 1.4.2) are:

  • New XML generation code using the DOMDocument(*) class
  • Modified the logic to remove extra elements from the generated URLs
  • Added an xml-stylesheet reference to the output file, xsl included in download
  • Fixed the issues when "Friendly" urls are turned off
  • Add a new field to the cms table on install to track modified dates (auto updating)
  • Added removal of additional field on uninstall

(*)If your server doesn't support this then sorry. Go elsewhere for hosting!

Updated to 1.4.3 -- 10 August 2009

  • Added error checking and reporting

Updated to 1.4.4 -- 18 August 2009

  • Added images to the sitemap (as introduced in the 1.4 version in the distribution)
  • including fixes to the Link class which broke 1.4.3, so fixed that
  • Added cross-compatibility so this version works in both 1.2.0.x and 1.2.1.x
  • Fixed a bug when PSBASEDIR is set to other than the site root

Example output: with friendly urls and without friendly urls.

Download: Prestashop Google XML Sitemap Module v1.4.4