Exporting products to Googlebase

Getting noticed in Google Product Search

There has been huge demand for a module to allow upload of the products in Prestashop installations to Google Base. In an attempt to satisfy this, until such time as I can have a look at implementing it using the Google Base API, I threw together some code that will hopefully work. Only minimal testing has been performed, so I recommend that you use with caution.

Special thanks to Icarus for debugging the latest versions, and for the new feature suggestions for the 0.6.x series and beyond....

Update: The latest version can be found at Prestashop Google Product Search


Version 0.6.3

  • File IO modified again to reduce risk of timeouts
  • Added g:weight attribute when weight is non-zero for product
  • Added g:product_type attribute based on product categories
  • Changed description input to textarea
  • Added config entry for output filename on server
  • Added advanced settings to allow a feed to be generated for another site
  • Added compatibility with 1.2beta (provisional)
  • Improved error checking for permissions issues

Version 0.5

  • File IO reduced
  • Custom entry for Feed Description

Known Issues

  • In version 1.2 the price is output to 6 decimal places instead of 2
  • Need to be able to select between short (current) and long description field from database


Updated version (15 September 2008):

Googlebase v0.4

Updated version (13 July 2009):

Googlebase v0.5

Updated version (16 July 2009):

Googlebase v0.6.3 (for v1.1 and v1.2)

Maintenance Release (06 January 2010):
  • Minor modification to feed writing to attempt to fix blank screen errors in some stores.

Googlebase v0.6.3.1 (for v1.1 and v1.2)