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I was looking for some way of at least attempting to comply with the EU cookie laws which come into full effect in the UK this month, so i had a look for a WordPress plugin for this site and came across Cookie warning for wordpress. Now I’m not a legal expert and have no idea whether this is sufficient or not but my theory is that at least I’ve made an effort…..

Just for a bit of fun I decided to port the WordPress Plugin to Prestashop and the result is available below. It was noted that the check wasn’t persistent, so I have updated the javascript that handles the consent check cookie.

This is provided free and without any warranty whatsoever. It may not even work.

Download the Free EU Cookie Law “Cookie Warning” Module – Latest Version
Version 0.2 – Oops!
Initial release version – version 0.1

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Posted on May 25, 2012 | Related Categories: Free Prestashop Modules | 13 comments

  • Uddhava


    Wonderful module, and thanks for putting it in the field for free.
    I think the EU cookie law is full of crap and will not help. But as far as i read the law, we dont need permission from the user when the cookie is essential (like in shops).

  • Joseph

    I would like to put some html tags into the description but it seems that the code strips the tags. What should I edit?

    • Paul Campbell

      For a quick and dirty solution:

      The calls to Configuration::updateValue() can have an optional 3rd parameter to allow html e.g.
      Configuration::updateValue($this->name.'_warn_text', Tools::getValue('warn_text'), true);

      Changing that will allow it to save the html.

  • Baz

    Hi Fabien – that fixed the install issue, but I now get javascript error with IE:

    Message: ‘null’ is null or not an object
    Line: 75
    Char: 53
    Code: 0

    If you go to you will see what I mean – any ideas on fixing?

    • Paul Campbell

      What version of IE are you testing with? You may also need to check that any caching and/or pre-compiling of templates is disabled temporarily (or the cached files are deleted).

      • Baz

        Hi Paul I’m checking with IE 8 all cacing disabled

        have some screenshots – anyway to send them to you or attach on here??



        • Paul Campbell

          I’ve just sent you an email.

  • Fabien


    It seems that you have a parse error on your module.
    Someone reported this error here :

    I fixed the problem and I posted the new version here :

    Best regards,

  • Baz

    I get the following on trying to install Prestashop V

    The following module(s) could not be loaded:
    cookiewarning (parse error in /modules/cookiewarning/cookiewarning.php)
    cookiewarning (class missing in /modules/cookiewarning/cookiewarning.php)

  • John

    The problem with the module is that it activates the pop-up on every new page that is visited, well the wordpress version does, haven’t tried your Prestashop version.

    • Paul Campbell

      That’s odd, it doesn’t for me in either Firefox or Chrome. If you say “No”, then it will always ask you every time you visit as it removes all the cookies (which is the point) and can’t “remember” if you’ve ever been there before…

      • John

        Weird just tried it again on chrome, went to a new page and the pop-up appears, if i click back to this page all is fine though.

        • Paul Campbell

          I suspect that it has to do with how your system deals with tracking cookies – this uses a cookie to store the response….and that cookie may be being blocked or may be misconfigured. More digging required!!