BETA Version 2 Paypal Module for PrestaShop

We're pleased to release BETA 1 of our modified version of the PrestaShop Paypal Payment module that will hopefully address a few more of the shortcomings of the original version.

This latest version provides tighter integration with IPN notifications, and supports all the current message combinations for both instant and eCheck payments. Refunds and cancellations are also supported, although only as far as this functionality is supported by PrestaShop itself.

Each IPN event is logged against the order in the Back Office allowing an audit trail for each transaction, including paypal transaction IDs. The following screenshot shows a typical purchase which is subsequently refunded via the seller's account in paypal.

Order Audit Detail

Due to the additional functionality introduced in this module (including a "pending" message for incomplete transactions) the previous version of the PayPal payment module must be uninstalled prior to the installation of this new version.

November Update: A new version has been released which fixes an issue with the PayPal payment URL, please update now.

Please feel free to download and test this module, user feedback is most welcome, and will be invaluable! Note that this is a BETA version and it is strongly recommended that this module is not used in a production environment.

Paypal v2.0 beta 1

Paypal v2.0 beta 2