Let's face it starting a business isn't easy. In fact it can be one of the most stressful things you can undertake, especially for new start-ups on a modest budget. Here at eCartService.net we understand the pressures and our services are geared towards removing at least some of the pressure, leaving you free to develop your business. Backed by years of experience working for some of the largest and most technically challenging commercial organisations in the world, we pride ourselves in the quality and originality of the resources we provide. We like to think we're working with you to deliver your goals. All the resources on this site are free, and we aim to keep it that way. We ourselves benefit from free open source software, so this site provides us with a chance to try to give something back.

Who We Are

eCartService.net has been set up specifically to cater for the needs of small to medium enterprises trading online using the Prestashop eCommerce solution. It was set up in 2008 by Paul Campbell, a veteran in the IT industry who has experience of working in technology planning and implementation in some of the most diverse and technically challenging environments on the planet. He is committed to Open Source Software and is actively involved in supporting Open Source projects and the use of Open Source Software in commercial environments.

Our Background

Web Site Consultancy

We have years of experience working with all of the major Open Source shopping cart solutions, so are well placed to assist you in optimising your customer's shopping experience.

Web Development and programming

Our main background is in Systems Engineering and Web development and providing novel solutions to web programming challenges. We are also skilled at trouble-shooting, for when things don't quite go as planned.