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I’ve been trying out a WordPress module on the site to provide translations, although I’m now sitting here wondering if any of them make any sense! If you feel it adds anything to the site let me know – in fact even if you don’t, let me know anyway!

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Posted on December 6, 2008 | Related Categories: Site News | 3 comments

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3 Responses to Translations

  1. admin says:

    You can get a copy of the wordpress code from, it certainly seems to do the job!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  2. vnseotiop says:

    I thinks its so beautiful. please show me the Plugin, and its usage. thanks alot :)

  3. Daniel says:


    i think it doesn’t make any sense to implement such a module.

    Only native speakers can translate field description et cetera in a logical, corresponding way.

    best regards & keep up the good work man! all the best for 2009! hope to hear from you.